Friday, March 16, 2012

Alphabet Soup

Last night we played a great game with our youth.  We took 4 bowls of alphabet soup and divided the kids into groups.  The goal was to dig out the letters and form words.  There was a point scale depending on the length of the word, with extra points for books of the Bible.

I began to think, youth ministry is a bit like this game. We have kids of all "shapes" in our youth. Our job is to reach down into that muck of adolescence, pull them out, determine their "shape" and then find them a place that fits. We think it is important that each teen take part in the body of our youth. We seek to find what interests and talents each one has and put them to work! We have teens in our youth band. We have teens that run projection. We have teens that decorate. We have teens that serve in the background. It is our goal to give them a taste of what it will be like to be a part of the church body as adults and hopefully we will form them into strong church leaders.
As far as the ultimate message...well, we think they've got that:

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