Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mommy & Me Notebook

First off, this was not my idea. I saw it on Pinterest on various sites, and was inspired to start this with both my daughter and son. We have only been doing it for about a week and it has already given me laughter, tears and precious jewels to "ponder in my heart."

The Notebook: Well, I took the easy way. I got a plain spiral notebook for each child, took a permanent marker and wrote "Mommy and Me" plus their name on the cover. Then I wrote each one a personal opening letter explaining the purpose of the notebook. I have seen others that have bought beautiful journals and others who have created elaborate, personalized covers, either for their child, or with him. There's many options.

The Process: You write your child a letter. From the heart. Any topic. Leave the notebook on your child's bed. Your child will then find time to write you a letter back, and leave it on your bed. Don't put the pressure on yourselves to respond immediately, but make sure it is at least every couple of days.

My daughter was ecstatic about the activity. She wrote to me about how much she loved the idea and wanted to keep our notebook forever. I have enjoyed seeing her sensitive heart in her writing. Sometimes with moms and little girls, there is a lot of "attitudes" in our daily interaction. I have found our notebook to be a perfect opportunity to see past those normal everyday conversations. It is refreshing!

My experience with my son has been totally different! He is much younger and his writing capabilities have not quite developed, though he reads well. I have had a great laugh each time I received the notebook back from him, for instead of notes, he has given me a drawing of a wild cat each time. One day a lion, a tiger the next. I received a "jaygr" yesterday. It took me a moment to realize that was a "jaguar!"

I encourage you, whether in this way, or some other creative way, open up the doors of communication between you and your child. As they grow and mature into young adults, you will be blessed by your relationship, by knowing who this beautifully created person is, and you will be better able to help them and encourage them through the things in their lives, if you know what is going on in their life!

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